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Bridal Hair

Catering to the bride's hair and making sure they look beautiful on their special day focusing and spending more time on them to make them look perfect. 


Bridal Makeup

Full face Bridal Makeup. The Bride will be getting special time and focus to achive the makeup they desire. 


Event Makeup

Full face makeup for special occasions. 



Simple blown out hair that is achieved with a blowdryer. 


Regular Styling

Hair that is styled down or half up half down using a hot tool. Ex. Curled hair, wavy styled hair, or flat ironed. 


Up-do Styling

Special event up-do styling. 



A technique of hair painting that will give you a more natural lightened hair look. You can also achieve a fashion color (ex blue, pink, red, etc.) look using this technique. Price varies depending on how much work and time is needed. 

$125 and Up


Lightening the hair using a weaving method and foil. Price depends on how many highlights are put in. 


Single Process Hair color

Color that is placed on the root area only. Normally to cover grey hair or to change your natural hair color at the root area. 


Hair Extensions

Tape in Hair Extensions that last for about 6 months. They are lightweight and do not damage the hair. Perfect for achieving longer fuller hair. 

$500 and up

Women's Haircuts

Haircuts for short to long haired Women. 


Men's Haircuts

Any style men's haircut. 


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